Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ugh, Lesson Learned

I'm a big fan of bacon. Scallops are among my top picks for seafood. So, if you combine them, I am one happy lady. Hint, hint to all my friends choosing hors d'oeuvres for receptions...

Today, I learned that freshness is a huge component to this delectable treat. I discovered that there is a frozen version available at most grocery stores. For the love of God, DO NOT buy this! It is the most wretched tasting food ever. Yes, there is a way to mess up bacon! All tonight I will be in bed clutching a Pepto bottle wishing for death.

Fun fact: if you want relief from mild nausea, press the underside of your arm near the wrist between the two big tendons that run from your palm to elbow. It totally works! Thank you Google Gods.

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