Monday, September 01, 2008

My Job, I Am So Lucky

3 weeks at my new job so far and I am loving every day. The people who I work with are very supportive, funny, and professional. Basically, high EQ. My commute is awesome - 2 Dunkin Donuts en route and my office building is down the street from a CVS and post office.

What I love most about this job, is the work. I know, it sounds weird! I get to analyze numbers non-stop and learn an entirely new industry. Only once was I worried that I wouldn't know how to do a job - but it worked out fine. Now, I am a pivot table guru. At work, I eat data like Cookie Monster and when I finish a project, I am like, "Feed me!" After the months of rejections, I started worrying if an analyst position would be a good fit for me. Working this job, I am more confident than ever!

The final great thing about my job is that they like me. I am getting positive feedback non-stop. Also, I have a huge financial discrepancy to research tomorrow and I can't wait to get into work to dig in!

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