Friday, September 26, 2008

The New Job

With just a half week under my belt, I am EXHAUSTED! This week was a lot of starting and stopping projects plus assignments with no background or instructions. A little frustrating! And a typical first week. The company is an interesting one in an industry that I'm unfamiliar with and a convoluted supply chain. It's a steep learning curve coming from a company that made a product and sold it to the customer.

The commute is fairly good and I get to tackle the Pike for commuting for the first time. Yup, I'm getting a transponder. It's amazing how different Pike drivers are from 128 drivers. It's like night and day or competency and released from the looney bin.

In the middle of this crazy week, I signed up for personal training at a local Fitness Together. I have always enjoyed personal training and since my weight loss has hit a plateau from dieting alone, I need to kick things up a notch.

Watching the debate right now. McCain is so annoyingly whistley, he needs better dentures or have Sean Connery be his talking head. Obama looks pooped.

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