Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Politics 2008

I have been a supporter of Barak Obama for a while basically because I've had my eye on him ever since the 2004 Democratic National Convention. But I must admit I am pretty disconnected from this year's presidential race. I digest the headline blurbs and roll my eyes at the political jabs.

Recently, I decided to do some research on Obama's stance on issues so I can support him intelligently. Guess what? The majority of his stances are exactly the same as McCain. The only major differences are abortion, taxes, and Iraq. I hate how politicians have to embrace the middle to win. I'd love to see some Lefty candidate lay some truth on the American people (granted, he or she would never win the Presidency).

Back in 2004, I was so involved in the presidential race that it felt like life or death. After Kerry lost, there were months when I could not talk politics without raging or weeping. So why waste emotional effort on a candidate who differs from the opponenrt on 3 issues? I can take a historical view. We had two terms of Reagan and then a single term of Bush I which lead us to the golden age of Clinton. So, if I have to wait out a single term of another Republican I can wait for the 8 years of prosperity and peace under a new Deomocratic President.

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