Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Job, A Respite

Since my employer is running out of work for me to do, my last day is probably going to be Sept. 29. I haven't heard a definite confirmation. It's no big surprise since I was told that this assignment will last about 6 weeks.

And also since my employer is running out of work for me, I was given a horrendously huge filing job yesterday. There was an office filled with stacks of papers and I sorted all of those papers into piles. I finished 5 minutes ago. Every muscle in my legs is screaming and my back feels badly twingey. I stupidly started off this task bending poorly (like doubled over ass in the air) as I sorted and lifted heavy piles. Then I moved onto the bend at the knees method. Guess what? That basically relocated strain and pain to your legs! I took a hot shower last night and popped some Alleve before bed. I'm still stiff and sore. I let my boss know today that that level of lifting causes me pain so I'm waiting for my next assignment.

As a wrap up, I really liked this job. My boss is a smart funny cookie. Plus she swears like a sailor. I learned how to use Meditech. I also learned a lot about healthcare finances and accounting. That tidbit was a bit scary especially when you're dealing with insurance companies and their reimbursement policies. Umm, who cares if a patient is admitted or under observation? Just pay the GD bill and save a life! My commute was really awesome too: under 30 minutes and a nice drive up 117. Though I have to complain about the driving habits of Monster employees. Whenever I am stuck behind them, they brake every 5 seconds and weave all over the lane plus they drive REALLY S L OW L Y. Once, I had to park in their parking lot. Apparently at Monster they support individuality and creativity so much, it extends to parking spaces in a parking lot.

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