Thursday, October 02, 2008

Movie Walkouts

The firsts movie I ever walked out of was Bram Stoker's Dracula. I saw it with a friend in my teens. The scene that lead us to leave was the werewolf sex one. So, we walked out and snuck in to see The Last of the Mohicans for about the millionth time.

The next movie I walked out of was Pulp Fiction. It was totally against my will. I went with a group of friends on opening weekend and one of my friends reached her limit at the hypodermic needle scene. No matter how much we begged, she refused to go back. I finally saw the ending years later when I rented the movie.

The last movie I walked out of was Ronin. It was in college with my brother. I don't know if we were drunk or just feeling silly but the entire movie made no sense. In the scene where a character threw up for no reason, my brother and I were howling with laughter. We couldn't stop laughing and calm down so we left. The entire ride home we were shrieking laughing about the unprovoked puking.

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