Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Personal Training

For my last job, I wound up commuting past a Fitness Together gym that I didn't know existed near my apartment. Luckily, they were running a free consultation and fitness assessment offer last month. So, I signed up and have been assessed and run through my paces. I loved doing sit-ups on a stability ball with weights. I have deceptively strong abs. Sadly, that is where all my weight settles.

The other night, I was introduced to these exercises:

This is called a split squat. I didn't do them with the weights but my goodness, I am so sore. I've been limping all day and doing the old person groan sitting down and standing up. On the flip side, I was able to do a lot of reps! I was kinda proud considering how my knees used to be such messes. Now my quads are so strong, they are basically stapled on.

The personal trainers are really good. I've only observed one asshole trainer but so far, I haven't been assigned to him so no big deal. He's the kind of trainer who treats his clients as lazy fatties who know nothing. For some reason, he automatically assumed I hadn't been working out hard enough when he encountered me on the treadmill. He advised me that I can ask to increase reps/weight as I go along. Gee, that is SO HELPFUL. It wasn't like I had already increased the weights I was lifting for each set of reps. He also mentioned that he was the former gym manager. Thank goodness for the former part of that sentence!

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