Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big 3 Bailout Insights via Gchat

My first reaction was hells no. Let them fail. Bad business means a failing business.
But then I heard that about 10% of US jobs are related to the big 3 auto industry. So, if they tank they'll bring down about 6 million jobs.
9:56 AM Then since I heard how the $700 billion bailout is totally being mishandled, I thought that there must be another way to save the Big 3.
9:57 AM Tah dah! Bankruptcy.
In bankruptcy, they can totally realign their business and re-negotiate contracts (like union stuff).
9:58 AM That's the other thing. I am usually pro union. But man... if a union absolutely destroys an industry, that is too powerful and not the purpose of unions.
9:59 AM What happened to workers rights rather than sweet benefits packages?
10:01 AM Sarah: right on sista
10:03 AM me: Which means that universal healthcare could solve all these problems.
10:04 AM Sarah: good idea
me: Ha! Just call me a naive liberal

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