Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Comics Come Home

I've gone to this comedy benefit for nine years. I think it's a great cause and plus the collection of comedians are hard to beat! This year we had Denis Leary, Lenny Clarke, Anthony Clarke, Patrice O'Neal, Jim Breuer, Al Madrigal and a bunch of other unknown comedians. Back in the early years, it was held in the Orpheum and Dane Cook was still relatively unknown so he was there every year. For the past 3 years, the show has been moved to BU's Agganis Arena which is a much nicer venue. The show is always held in mid-November and I highly recommend trying to check it out. I usually spend about $50 (with ticketmaster fees) on a ticket and my seats have always been good.

This year's show wasn't as great as I remembered past ones. The show wasn't sold out - which was weird but then again the country is collapsing and money is an issue with people. Which leads me to this odd glumness that hung over the comedy. There were barely any political jokes and a lot of pee/poop humor. But I did find a new comedian to keep an eye on - Al Madrigal.

Denis Leary didn't really lift the mood when he devoted a lot of time explaining his "controversial" autism quote from his new book. Eh, who cares? We were there to laugh. Oh yeah, fun fact - ever since Dane Cook hit the big time, he is too important to donate his time to Comics Come Home. I definitely laughed a lot and enjoyed the night but I didn't walk away with many memorable jokes that I can laugh over afterwards.

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