Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asshole Driving Moves I Don't Get

1. Why don't drivers yield?

2. Why do drivers who have been moseying at 40mph on the highway suddenly speed up when I try to pass them? Will I win some prize that they want if I pass them?

3. Why do drivers not notice that their headlights aren't on?

4. Why don't drivers realize that if they brake all the time, it's basically boy who cried wolf driving syndrome? How will I know the difference between a random foot seizure and actual traffic brake?

5. Why don't drivers use those handy mirrors on the side of their car or THEIR EYES?

6. Why can't drivers look ahead 1 car before honking? I drive a puny Ford Focus and if I'm not moving, it could be because there is a car in front of me at a dead stop.

7. Why must SUV's have their brights on all the time?

8. Why do drivers who are in the slow lane on a highway have to drive between 30 - 40 mph and slam on their brakes at every on ramp?

9 What can you, as a driver, do when you notice that the driver behind you is too busy texting to actually notice traffic?

10. Why can't drivers figure out merging? It's like a zipper or shuffling cards idiots! No, making a third lane won't help and you won't win the driving game.

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