Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Commute From Hell

When I started this job assignment back in late September, my commute was a breeze. 30 minutes or less on the Pike against traffic (west in the mornings and east at night). Over the past two weeks, my commute home typically takes an hour or more. Why? Mostly car accidents that happen on 95 north that back up the Weston tolls exit for miles. Or it could be a combo of car accident and speed trap that shuts down the left lane like last Friday on the Pike. I've tried leaving a bit early from work and that doesn't help. I've found the AM station with traffic on the 3's and I always check Boston.com's traffic link before I leave work. It has become pointless to have a fast-lane pass now considering I usually just creep through the tollbooth coming home. It has gotten so bad now that I pack my chorus stuff or gym clothes in my car in the morning because I can't count on having time to swing home after work.

I am really hoping this is just people adjusting driving home in the dark and holiday stress. I was in front of a van the other night that didn't have its headlights on - it makes me shudder thinking of being on a highway with a driver like that.

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