Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cursed Commute

I have no idea what's going on with drivers this week but it's like they (and the Turnpike Authority) took stupid pills. Here are a couple examples:

Tuesday evening commute home on the Pike to 128 took me 1.5 hours (my regular commute is 30 minutes). Why? Because some poor people got into an accident on 128 North and offramp drivers decided not to pay attention to which lanes were cash vs. Fast-lane. Here's a tip, get off your cell, look ahead, and see what lane you're in.

This morning's Pike commute west taking the route 30 exit (#12 I think) wasn't a picnic either. Traffic was backed up onto the Pike because a Fast-lane was shut down and there was absolutely no signage so you couldn't see it was closed until you were basically ready to breeze through. Of course life was made oh so simpler by drivers making3 lanes when there should be only 2.

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