Sunday, November 30, 2008

Guitar Hero is My Waterloo

I tried playing this game for the first time Friday night and sucked so horribly that I couldn't get through a single song on easy. You know what I think was screwing me up? The vertical music bar. I am so programmed to read music left to right, I was fumbling.

It didn't matter how many musical instruments I can play or that I can sight read music. In fact, all the technical background I have was a hindrance. There weren't 8th notes, key signatures, or a meter which are my musical tools. It is pure intuitive music and rhythm. Which made me start to wonder if I'm a good musician at all or am I just good at music rules?

Since I hate sucking at anything, I think I'm going to pick this up to hone my skills. Another possible problem is that the buttons on the guitar are for the left hand but I hate using my stroke as an excuse too much. I had good feeling for my pointy and ring finger (green and yellow buttons). Middle finger, red, was completely useless.

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