Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Goals

1) Get in the dating game. I am a member of jdate and match.com but have I gone on a single date? Nope. I need to make these services work for me!

2) Lose weight/get fit. I started with a gym membership back in September and fell off the wagon this month but a new year will give a renewed motivation.

3) Get out of debt. Months of unemployment lead to out of control credit card debt so I need to get that down STAT. There's only so much 0% APR can do, you know?

4) Travel. Totally dependent on getting out of debt of course. Since I haven't been over to Europe for years, now would be a nice time to go back! Especially since I won't have to lie that I'm Canadian.

5) Move. I'm over oil heat and on-street parking with a round robin of asshole fellow tenants. It's time for me to vamoose.

6) Get involved. Whether it's through volunteer work or finding a temple that I actually enjoy, I definitely need to get involved somehow.

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