Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just Kill Me Now

You know how I want to move? Well, yet another reason to get outta here is that I suspect that my gas oven has a leak and is slowly killing me. Did I mention that it's a gas oven without a hood or ventilation? As a cheapskate compromise, my landlord bought those gas meters that look like smoke alarms a couple years ago. It constantly goes off if it's hot outside or if I'm cooking on the stove top and reads over 200 ppm of gas.

My ear is still screwed up though it got marginally better on steroids so I have to go to an ENT doctor next week. I always dread those appts because they either do something that hurts or something that makes me so dizzy I want to vomit. But on the up side, after over a month with a plugged right ear, I will be closer to some kind of resolution!

Work absolutely sucks now because I work in finance and all the managers/controllers were gone for the holidays so this week is for churning out as many reports as possible. Oh and also, hopefully those reports won't make your division look bad because being employed is nice. All that stress and anxiety just rolls down to me, a lowly temp. It doesn't matter that I can see that the manager is freaking out because they have a year of completely fucking up to deal with, I still have to suffer in silence. Today, I had a controller hang up on me and one of my supervisors get really pissed at me (for something that isn't even my fault). So, I left early and wound up calling some lady in Walgreens a bitch. Yup, shit rolls down the hill.

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