Thursday, December 04, 2008

Manic Week

To start out with the good, Tuesday night I had a fitness assessment at my gym. Weight-wise, I went up BUT that body fat scanner thing said I have less fat and I've lost inches everywhere. Even my stomach and hips! Plus, my resting heart rate was in the 60's. I was told to do as many modified push-ups as I can. I did 12 last time. My trainer stopped counting out loud at 5 and when I got to the point where I could do no more, he asked me how many did I think I did. I said, "14." It turned out I had done 26!! More than 100% better. Kick ASS! Now, I have to focus on getting that weight down through cardio. I've been doing intervals on the elliptical and I'm still alive.

Well, as many of you know who work in finance, the beginning and end of months is complete madness. What is even more crazier is getting into month-end reporting mode after a 4 day vacation where your brain apparently completely checked out.

The bad was Wednesday. I had two reports I needed to work on and send out ASAP. The first report went out around 11 (published to a ton of people companywide). By 3pm, I had to revise it THREE TIMES! Ugh, ugh, ugh... Hello, I'm a moron who can't pay attention to detail. Every time I sent out a revision, it felt like a stab wound. And guess what? No one cared. I apologized until I was blue in my face and my managers shrugged it off. On top of feeling crummy about that report, there was a huge confusion about the second report. My manager had to give me instructions twice and the second time, I basically had to tell him, "I simply don't get it. Explain it to me like I'm 5." I could feel this swell of anxiety and frustration so I just blinked my eyes and soldiered through so I could have a good cry in the bathroom. The explanation is HILARIOUS though (now that I have some distance and perspective). The file named Report for Kelly, is actually not a report - just a pure data dump. Gee, silly me, thinking that file names should be descriptive.

I felt awful all day and decided to get some ice cream during my errand at my local Walgreens. While checking out, I noticed there was the regular cashier who always looks and acts like he'd 5 minutes away from slitting his wrists. So, I jumped at the chance when a second cashier arrived. I really didn't need more melancholy in my life at that point.

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