Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dewey Cox Love

I have a new favorite comedy. If this is on TV while I flip channels, I always stop and watch it. If you are a fan of musician biopics, like Ray or Walk the Line, you'd love this comedy. I didn't love Talledega Nights and thought John C. Reilly was the weak link. But after this movie, I'm revising that opinion.

This is a really self aware dumb comedy that rips off almost every biopic. Traumatic death in childhood? Check. Disability from that trauma? Check. Childhood sweetheart wife? Check and played by the awesome Kristin Wiig. Meeting famous musicians? Check - you'll die laughing over the Beatles. Lots of helpful Jewish managers? Check - versteh. Drugs? Check and probably the funniest running joke in the movie. Various zoo animal pets? Check. The movie is endlessly quotable too.

The DVD commentary is not chock full of laughs but it is definitely interesting. For example, Justin Long can impersonate every Beatle. Who knew? My brother told me that the deleted scenes are pure gold. Plus, the ending of the movie is actually incredibly good! Most comedies peter out with a lot of obvious jokes but this one combines comedy and a surprising sweetness in the end.

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