Friday, January 16, 2009

In Which I Yell at My TV Saying "Bullshit!"

Okay, I got hooked on watching Private Practice from watching a marathon over the holidays. I know it's crap, I know I shouldn't expect much from the writing or acting. But last night's episode was such a load of bullshit I cannot stay quiet.

So, Violet winds up sleeping with two men and she has moral quandaries. Over a while she comes into her doctor friend's office to confess and to say that she can't stop peeing and it hurts. What grown woman doesn't know what a UTI is? For christ's sake her character is supposed to be in her 40's and has a medical degree. When I was 5, I could have diagnosed her.

In the ironies of ironies as she's getting her pelvic exam she talks about how the guys in the office can sleep with as many women as they want and get high fives. Gee, what an incisive comment on sexism about sexual behavior men vs. women. Cut to the next time teaser - guess what? Violet is pregnant. WTF? So I guess the writers felt they were doing their penance in that one throwaway line before they decided to punish the whore. What's next? Wearing a scarlet letter? I seriously doubt this show is run by a woman. I bet Shonda Rhimes is a pseudonym for Mel Gibson/Bill O'Reilly etc.

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