Friday, January 16, 2009

Nerd Alert!

Tonight Battlestar Galactica premieres for its final season! We left them on a desolate irradiated Earth and we still don't know who's the 5th cylon from the Final Five. My guess is that the 5th cylon has been on Earth the whole time. And all the myths about Earth were basically a distress call that got convoluted over time and space. If I'm wrong, I wouldn't be too upset. But, if Starbuck is a cylon, I will throw something at the TV! It's way too obvious and dumb. I'd prefer that she's one of Lords of Kobol reborn. Oooh, another idea for the 5th cylon is the baby of Tigh and Six!

Anyways I'm looking forward to tonight and am dreading the episode where they kill Laura Roslin.

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