Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Crummy Work Day

Yup, it's a Tuesday and I have screwed up a report which means I get to be my off-site boss' verbal punching bag. There is nothing more lovely than having my intelligence, choice of career and work ethic questioned in a condescending manner. Do I ever get compliments when I do something well nowadays? Nope!

What made today extra special dark awful was that my onsite boss caught me in the aftermath of the dressing down. I had kept it together on the phone and of course when I had to look someone in the eyes, I lost it. Not in a wailing embarrassing way but tears did slip and on-site boss sat down and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I find off-site boss abusive and demeaning and I am having trouble working for him. He suggested I take some time to compose myself and we'd talk but magically my tears dried up and I told him that I was fine. He listened and offered to talk to my boss. He also told me that off-site boss is under a lot of pressure. Gee, shitting on others is a really mature way to handle stress, huh?

Another aspect of the horror is that I found out today that I'm not covering a maternity leave like I had been lead to believe. So, I have no idea when this assignment will end. I gotta admit, at my low points I am tempted to self-sabotage. But, that would end badly and I'd like some references from here!

Again, I feel dumb complaining. I have a job, unlike others. I am really lucky. Usually, I love this type of work. I have been through a lot worse and come out the other side. But this is my current struggle and blogging helps. The weird thing is my off-site boss used to love me up until the new year. He was really nice, complimentary and polite. I have no idea what has happened recently and I'm pretty sure it's not my work. Hell, I went 2 weeks with no major attention to detail snafu!

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