Thursday, February 05, 2009

How Much Do I Love My Cat?

My cat, Rasputin, is a 22 month old male Mainecoon. At his last weigh-in, he was at 16lbs. When I get home from work, he is sometimes sitting in the window waiting for me. I can see him meowing. If he isn't in the window, the second he hears me enter the building hallway, he starts meowing.

When I first step into my apartment, he rolls around at my feet while I get settled and sniff the air. If there's a stinky cat poop smell, I know I have to take care of it since he has probably been delaying using his litter box until I cleaned it. No smell, Rasputin just does his constant meowing like he's saying, "Hi! Hi! Hi!" He has to sniff the mail as I put it down.

Then he leads me back to my bedroom so I can play with him or restock his climbing unit with toys. Sometimes, I find a surprise in my bedroom. Like dish gloves dragged from the sink or a winter hat he thinks is his dead mouse. And, of course, he puts some toy in his water bowl. Once I discovered that he had broken a wine glass I had stupidly left out on the counter and carried a huge piece of glass to my bed.

Once he is settled down, I replenish his food and get dinner for myself. He is interested in all human food. Oddly enough, Ras loves bread. I have to make sure all my bread products are safely put away in cabinets. I cannot count the times I've woken up to a half chewed through loaf of bread and a trail of crumbs in my bedroom.

If I spend the rest of the evening on my computer, he sits on the printer next to my computer and occasionally strolls around my laptop. If I watch TV, he gets annoyed but ultimately winds up lying on the couch next to me. He is so used to the going to bed routine, he just lies on my bed waiting for me to turn everything off. Rasputin loved watching me wash my face and brush my teeth. It's the whole water and faucet thing I bet.

As I lie in bed and flip through stations, he curls up against me and falls asleep. It's so cute feeling his breath against my arm. I try not to disturb him but I'm such a restless sleeper, he winds up sleeping at the foot of my bed. If I fall asleep on my back, he likes to use my ankle as a pillow. Around 5AM, he gets sick of my sleeping so he gets meowy and starts pawing my face - luckily with no claws. If that doesn't work, he plops down on the pillow next to me and licks my nose, forehead, hair, and chin. When I get up, he has cleaned off his food. So, I feed him, open the window blinds to let him have nice perches, and I get myself ready. Even though I know he's a cat, I always say goodbye.

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