Thursday, February 05, 2009

Awesome, Huge, Exhausting, and Standing Ovation

Last night my chorus had our annual huge ass concert at Regis College. It went really well and we got a standing ovation. Today, I am completely exhausted.

Rehearsing with hundreds of teenagers was definitely a challenge. You had the kids who acted like chorus is a prison sentence. Isn't chorus an elective? Why join if you want to waste everyone else's time? Then you had the uber serious music kids who were focused and quiet. I love those kids. I was those kids. And the cell phones were completely ridiculous. At our Sunday 5 hour rehearsal, 2 sopranos near me sat the entire last hour texting while the rest of us stood and sang. And one kid tried to sneak a cell on-stage last night. But since we're the grown-ups, we get to be the chorus law. It was so fun seeing this kid be told, "Put that away or I'll take it."

As a side note, I have really noticed the benefits of my personal training sessions through these long standing sessions. In years past, my back, knees, and feet were in tons of pain and I usually spent some time recovering on my couch popping Tylenol. This year? I outlasted kids half my age in standing tolerance - even in heels! One of my tricks is that I noticed that as I fatigue, I tend to bow out my back. So once I feel that happening, I focus on using my abs to straighten out and give my back muscles a break.

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