Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ze Weekend

Friday night, I celebrated my last day at my job assignment by a couple gin and tonics. Ugh, I think I had 1 too many. I had the hangover from hell for 24 hours. I don't know what it is with me and gin. When I go overboard, it is very bad. Like vertigo and throbbing headache bad.

Saturday, I made it through a morning personal training session by joking how I was probably sweating gin. Then, I had my hair appointment. Man, I am so glad I will never be going back to that salon! My neck was wrecked by an over-exuberant hair washer. Why do they make those sinks so darn uncomfortable? I'm a brunette now. The color is okay but I bet I could get something better from a box which is 1/20 of the salon cost.

Sunday, I saw Frost/Nixon. This movie is soooo good! I was completely enthralled and somehow felt a twinge of pity for Nixon. Yeah, the big political catch-all monster of my babyhood! Some day, I will have a political nerd night - watch Oliver Stone's Nixon, All the President's Men, Frost/Nixon and Dick.

My Monday holiday let me sleep in and do a bunch of cleaning around my place. This is my week off from job assignments aka bench-time. So, I am planning on taking some online courses to brush up my skills. Anything beyond that, is up in the air since I need to be ready to interview for my new assignment. Now, it's off to wash dishes.

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