Thursday, February 19, 2009

Concentration Hell, A Wasted Day

Since I am between assignments, my staffing rep is working like a mad-woman to get me work. Today, she took me along on the crazy train ride. I met her at her office this morning at 8:30 thinking that I would be going through rounds of meeting staffing reps who could help me.

What actually happened I was stuck at a computer doing my online training courses in the middle of a busy phone bank. Very noisy, distracting, and I learned absolutely nothing. Then, we went out on a client visit where the client had no interest in hiring me so I just sat there silent for 2 hours. And finally we have ended up back at the noisy phone-bank for me to continue with online training courses (which I could be doing at home in a comfy chair, in silence, and with a fiber optic connection).

Luckily, tomorrow looks like it will be more productive and I asked if I could bring an iPod so I can actually learn from the online courses. Thank goodness for the weekend!

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