Thursday, March 12, 2009

Healthcare Headaches

Since I was laid off Feb. 27, I don't have health care this month. Trying to figure out my health care options is giving me vertigo. First off, I need to have health care because 1) it's the law 2) I don't want a tax penalty 3) I have pre-existing conditions that I need medication for.

My first option is COBRA. It is insanely expensive, over $400 per month. Plus, I didn't really like my health care anyways so this option doesn't look so great. But there is this reimbursement program offered that will reimburse up to $440 per month which technically could reduce my health care expenses a lot. But that also means I will have to depend on timely reimbursements from the state - something that I completely don't trust.

There is also the option of getting free health care since I'm so poor. My concern with that option is the quality of care I'd get and prescription co-pays. I'm betting low and sky-high.

MA Health Connector has a plan where I could pay $39. So, as you can see, I am completely turned around by all my options and I really need to get some coverage ASAP! It is very odd to be so immediately impacted by legislation coming out of DC. Odd and a bit scary.

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