Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Horrible Job Interview

Wow, this is a first for me. My interviewer showed up late and in a velour jumpsuit. She didn't ask me a single question about my experience but she did ask me my age and how much I owe for grad school. Class act! I also loved how she assumed that I had no experience by not asking a single question about my experience.

The lesson plan I spent hours working on yesterday was not delivered because when I started, she interrupted me with, "What is this? Why are you talking about this?" I explained and got about 3 pages in when she interrupted and completely stopped me by saying, "So, what is the point of this lesson? What problem are you trying to solve." I was ready to throttle her but it turns out there was a mis-communication about the whole lesson plan thing.

I need a job so if they want me, I'd take it. If they don't want me, no big loss.

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Anonymous said...

Asking your age is illegal and their HR department should be alerted that they have interviewers asking candidates age.