Monday, April 06, 2009

New Home, Lotsa Newness

Well, it has been over a week at my parent's house and I think I am fairly settled in and nested. Rasputin is pretty darn happy too. He has claimed the basement as his domain. Slowly he's getting to know my parents - lots of cute rolling and tummy showing for my dad, and running for his life from mom.

I got cable and a DVR in my room so I have a nice little oasis there. The job search is grinding along. I didn't get that job for that horrendous interview. Boo fricken hoo....

Yesterday, with the assistance of my mom, we tried two recipes from the latest Cooking Light issue: Potato salad. This is pretty good. Very goaty and doesn't really work well if you try to half it. And
Chicken and Feta Tabbouleh. This recipe is AMAZING! So many flavors and very filling. Plus, you basically use all the ingredients you buy.

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