Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Ex-Landlord, Jackass of the Year

I moved out of my apartment March 27 after giving my landlord a month's notice and spending my last week (with my mother) scouring clean my apartment. Oh yeah, I had a month to month lease. On the day I moved, my landlord kept saying, "Wow, what a good job." over and over about how clean my apt is. And he said that he'd mail my security deposit in 3 to 4 days.

Mail came today without my security deposit, it has been 10 days, so I called my landlord. Here are his excuses in order:

1) I left a huge mess in my apartment - um, I call BULLSHIT!

2) He has 30 days to get me my money - okay but why tell me he'd mail it in 3 to 4?

3) He'll mail the check in a couple days - damn straight!

So, I'll either have my money by Saturday or April 27. I don't know if he'll pay me the full amount but I know the condition I left the apartment in so if he messes around, Judge Judy here I come!

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