Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Why It's Good That I'm Moving

My landlord has been a holy terror for the past couple of weeks so I am very happy that I am moving in 23 days.

The first example of his terror was when he was renovating my apartment last week. I asked him to make sure my cat doesn't get into paint or anything harmful. I tried to clear out/off the areas I thought he was working on. I forgot/he didn't tell me about the work he was doing in the bathroom so I didn't clear that out. Did he wait a day and ask me to move me stuff? Nope! He threw all my bath supplies in the hallway which wound up coated in plaster dust. Also, he ruined my Ikea shower curtains. On top of that, he tried to move my dish rack in the kitchen and wound up breaking about 5 mugs and glasses. One was a memento mug from Senior Night from my high school. I am deducting from my rent for damages. Oh yeah, he left an open paint bucket in my apartment so my cat got paint on his paws and chin. Nice!

Today, as we were discussing my move, he told me that I needed to clean my apartment or he'd deduct from my security (durr). I told him not to worry about it and then he mentioned how filthy my stove, tub, and toilet are. Guess what I have been doing all evening? Cleaning like a madwoman. I know it's a bit early but I can definitely say that I won't be baking/cooking in the next couple of weeks. I am not a dirty person but I do let things slide when I am working full-time. I clean up for company! God, he is such an asshole...

So, I will be leaving this impatient, critical, and unhelpful landlord for off-street parking, 1.5 baths, a dishwasher, and garbage disposal. SHEER HEAVEN!

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