Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Blogging Job

As I am falling asleep, I come up with these great ideas for blog topics but do I actually get around to writing them? Obviously, no. It's not like my day is so jam packed but I am a champion procrastinator so you'll have to wait a while for my sex toy review compendium...

A friend sent me this link and I thought I'd share it for all of you unemployed drones out there.

1. Find the best way to manage your stress—and do it now. I am kinda sucky at this lately. I can't tell you the number of gym sessions I have canceled lately. But I am thinking of trying guided meditation after my brother told me about his experiences. TV and The Sims are my current distractors and denial enablers.

2. Get some rest
I am kicking ass at this because sleep is the ultimate way to avoid reality and procrastinate.

3. Professional help...get shrink-wrapped
I'm pretty good on this front thanks to medication and decades of therapy. But living with my parents may put me back on the couch eventually.

4. Ditch the Doritos and (some) of the chocolate
Gee, what did I have for dinner yesterday? Cookies. I have also been inhaling dark chocolate kisses (but on the up side, only 20 calories each). Luckily since I don't do the grocery shopping, I have to get off my lazy ass to buy bad food. Plus, I have limited funds so stress eating isn't too regular or problematic so far.

5. Get some friends
I am really bad at this. Next month I will be throwing a party so hopefully that will help me get back into social mode.

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