Sunday, April 19, 2009

51 Days

Life has been pretty crummy nowadays. I showed up an hour early for a job interview because I wrote down the wrong time. But, on the up side, they just went ahead and interviewed me rather than having me wait. I like that kind of flexibility! That was my 4th interview in 51 days of unemployment. 2 of those were just staffing agencies.

I still haven't heard anything about my COBRA subsidy and trying to talk to a human at the medical security office is as impossible as raising Atlantis (I decided to go with fantastical rather than, "as impossible as me finding a job"). Unfortunately, in the interim, I have to pay my full COBRA costs which are astronomically high.

Living with my parents has started to wear on me as well. I stupidly decided to be open and honest about my financial situation. So, my father is now starting to decide how I should spend my money. My mom has become a moody rage-a-holic. Luckily, my room is a nice little oasis where I can weather out her swearing, muttering to herself, and banging stuff around. Rasputin hides in the basement and my dad hides in the study with a martini in hand. Again, it's better than living on the streets or in a shelter but that mantra wears thin after the hundredth slammed door of the week. But on the up side, at least we can apologize and make up like adults.

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