Thursday, May 28, 2009

Please Aspyr, Give Me My Life Back

For a couple years now, I dabbled with Sims 2. The only expansion pack I had was University. This past month I got Nightlife, Pets, and Seasons. The game has gotten way too much fun!

I am a weird Sims 2 player. I like being a hands-on God. In the original game, my favorite aspect was building homes. With all these expansions, I am discovering new aspects to enjoy. Here are my expansion pack reviews:

University - compared to the other expansion packs, this is a lot more work than cool additions. There's an entirely new life stage - young adult. Getting young adults through university is a bit of a drag. I do appreciate the new objects, clothing and hair.

Nightlife - this is an amazing expansion pack. You get a Downtown plus vampires. I love the variety of a Downtown: shopping, clubs, bowling, and restaurants. It is even more fun building your own Downtown from scratch! I made Gotham with two clubs, two restaurants, a casino and bowling alley. Vampires are a hoot too. They do have coffin beds and can't go out in Daylight.

Pets - so, so cute in many ways. Of course, I tried to make a Sims 2 Rasputin. I also made a crazy cat lady. Lots of fun new interactions and possibilities with this expansion.

Seasons - very lifelike and entertaining. Thunderstorms are pretty darn scary in the game! Plus, I love that if it snows a lot, kids get a Snow Day. The gardening activity is pretty awesome too. I've only gotten through 2 seasons across all the families I play so I have a lot to look forward to.

When I start the Sims 2, I usually poach Strangetown and Veronaville for houses and then delete the neighborhoods. With seasons, there's a whole new neighborhood, Riverblossom Hills which I kept. I also made a new neighborhood called Springfield. My plan was to make a poor side of town and a rich side with middle class in between. I really tried not to use cheats for the poor families but darn it I broke down and used kaching. For the rich families, I'm motherloding all over the place.

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