Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Month 4 of Unemployment

Now that we're into June, this is my fourth month on unemployment. Seriously, I am forgetting what it feels like to work in an office. All my work clothes are hanging in my closet unused. The last time I wore anything with a heel? Um, February!

It is still tough out there. I am applying to a variety of jobs, not just analyst. So far, I have had 4 interviews ever since Feb, 27 when I was laid off. 2 of those interviews were staffing agencies and I have heard bupkiss from them. I am counting the 3rd interview for this 1 position that I have had 3 interviews for. Still no word from them - application in March, interviews April & May. The fourth interview was just on a phone from a recruiter who saw my resume. The position sounds right up my alley but there's still no movement from their end. That's the one difference I noticed from this round of unemployment compared to my last round. The hiring timeline is really slow and drawn out. Last time, I'd know within a month that I wasn't being hired and staffing agencies were calling me non-stop. This time, not so much.

Lifewise, I am adjusting fine living with my folks. Rasputin loves having a huge house to roam. Unfortunately, I've had bad health issues over the months but it looks like June will be okay! No more staph infection, no hives, and no bronchitis with sinusitis. I've also let working out fall by the wayside and gained a bit of weight thanks to stress eating. I actually got on a scale the other morning and didn't pass out from shock. It's high but not a number I haven't seen in my life so hopefully with awareness, I'll move towards working on the problem. I found out that I like yard work and it's a covert way to get exercise.

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