Saturday, June 06, 2009

Unpopular Opinions

I have been straightforward on this blog. I don't put on an act about who I am. So, readers should have a fairly complete picture of who I am. Here are some opinions of mine that don't really jive with the picture of me. It is fun sometimes whipping out these opinions at parties to see my friends' whiplash.

Abortion - women should be able to choose to have one. But I will never have one myself because I feel like if I am pregnant, abortion is murder. For other women, it's their own judgment call. Also, I don't like the fact that there's a need for abortion. So, we need better sex education and health care.

Death Penalty - I"m fine with it if the criminal is actually guilty. That's why the Innocence Project is crucial. We need a double check on our legal system I also support castrating pedophiles.

Economics - I"m fine with socialism. Capitalism has basically brought down our economy. Socialism is a way out of this ridiculous shopping and consumerism drive we have. Plus, it's another way to fix health care. If you don't like government provided services, form your own co-op.

Israel - I believe it has a right to exist. I'm undecided which borders I agree with. Yet, I don't agree with treating the native Arab population like second class citizens. If Israel could practice a turn the other cheek foreign policy rather than, bomb the shit out of civilians policy, I'd be happy.

Bill Clinton - he was a complete douchebag. Yet the people he had in his administration did great work. When I get nostalgic for his presidency, I just miss being in my 20's, low crime, low poverty, and a sense of opportunity. I don't miss the dot-com bubble, the Lewinsky scandal, the Somalia plus Rwanda debacles.

House (TV show) - I find show incredibly repetitive. Hugh Laurie looks and sounds like a bullfrog. House, the character, is not compelling no matter how many layers they give him. He's just a straight up asshole.

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