Friday, May 15, 2009

Sick As a Dog

This week has been fairly crummy for a couple of reasons:

1) Still haven't heard from job interview #3
2) Wednesday and Thursday, a nasty stomach bug.
3) Today, the beginnings of a sinus infection/heavy-duty hay fever.

1) Since it has been two weeks since my interview, I'm guessing that I'm not going to be hired because during the interview process, their time line was pretty tight. I just wish I would get some kind of kiss off message so I can completely smother all hope.

2) For the first time in ages, I threw up. It was either the Japanese food I had that evening or an already upset stomach. The rest of the evening, I used all my focus to settle down my stomach. It was kind of an interesting exercise. I had bad chills so I wrapped myself up in blankets and focused on my breathing. I could actually feel when whatever was disturbing my stomach dropped from the top of my stomach and down to the lower part. This is no the first time I have been able to get through physical discomfort through the power of breathing and focus. I was able to survive getting my teeth filled with no novocaine. Lamaze, here I come! Also, one of the perks of living with my parents, they got my glasses of water and kept an eye on me.

3)I know tree pollen is at hellacious levels lately and my bedroom is right by blooming everything so basically I feel like crap with a sore throat, post-nasal drip, lethargy, and aches.

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