Monday, May 11, 2009

Partay in the Hizzy

Saturday night I threw a really fun Cinco de Mayo party. It is one of my favorite holidays since tequila is always good to me. I bought a bunch of apps from Trader Joes and baked an amazing dessert. Thanks to my aunt and uncle, I also got a yummy margarita recipe: 3 parts tequila mix, 1 part tequila, and 1/2 part chambord. The berry taste with citrus is absolutely divine.

Of course a cold front blew in while the party was going on so by the time everyone left, all my old injuries were aching fiercely. Back, knee, joints, and head. Oh the joy of being old...

Today, my parents are coming back from Florida. I hope the house is in good shape and I saved them some of my amazing dessert.

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