Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekly Catch-Up

My parents are away on vacation this week so of course, PAR-TAY! Yes, I am 32, what of it? It is so funny that I have gotten so used to living with people just this past month, I am a little uneasy being alone. I lived on my own for 7 years but that was a smaller familiar apartment. This is a big old house with noises and a lot of doors/window.

Speaking of doors, I am like kryptonite for the back door key. My first week here, I lost the extra copy while I was out running errands. Then, it turns out that making a copy could cost up to $60 because it's an old fashioned key. This weekend, as I locked the house up, I twisted off the head of the key in the lock. I really, really hope my parents will take this as a sign that we need to get a new lock for the back door. Heck, I'd chip in to change it!

Ironically, I chose this week to try to find a movie that scares the crap out of me. I'm not easily scared. Hostel just made me want to visit Europe. Saw was mildly entertaining. High Tension was tense and entertaining, not scary. Tonight, I watched Quarantine. I was surprised how good it was! I was really sucked into it. Again, not spooked or scared... Most horror/thriller movies lose me when they reveal the explanation. I'd love a movie that has absolutely no explanation, just sheer horror, gore, and jump out of your seat surprises. I don't care if the entire movie just takes place in a mental patient's head or a toxin has been released to drive people nuts. It's scarier if there's no logical reason.

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