Monday, June 29, 2009

No Radio Contact

Nothing much has been happening lately except rain, rain, and more rain. I had a job interview last week after absolutely no sleep. I have finally gotten back on a sane sleeping cycle thanks to melatonin. My brother told me something gross about melatonin. If you don't get the vegetarian kind, you're basically taking ground up cow brain. Ew!

This is a week where I'm feeling particularly hopeless and stressed about my job search. So far, I have 4 staffing agencies working for me. Have they gotten me a single interview? No. Massachusetts needs a loan from the federal government to continue to pay unemployment benefits. I've been looking into classes the Dept of Labor offers. Most of them are insanely expensive with no financial aid available. So that is incredibly disheartening. Even my administrative job applications aren't getting me any results. As I enter month 5 of unemployment, I'm starting to wonder if I will find any job this year. So my dream of moving out of my parent's place in October will probably remain a dream.

My brother has been back here for the past several weeks to paint the back half of the house (when it isn't raining). At first, it was annoying having him around. He messed up my routine and coping for living with my parents. He'd suggest doing something X way and it was something that I had given up on trying to change then lo and behold, my parents would listen to their golden son and actually CHANGE! So, I felt even more invisible and inconvenient for a couple weeks. But over time, life at home has worn my brother down so he has embraced the hopelessness. Nothing will change and we're just an annoyance. It's nice having a comrade in arms now! He's also getting me into Lost. I discovered that it's a good show if you watch seasons on DVD. If you watch it live on TV, it is frustrating as hell. We just finished season 2 (which was basically catch up for me). Season 3 is all new for me.

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