Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Great Lost Marathon (SPOILERS)

My brother only watches one TV show and that is Lost. Since he has been home for over a month, he decided to try to convert me into a fan. So, weeks ago we started our marathon with season 2 (I had already seen and loved season 1). Season 2 was okay but I did love saying "Meester Eko" whenever I could. Ana Lucia sucked ass. The hatch, the button and, Dharma hoopla wasn't too interesting. But two awesome things happened - Ana Lucia got killed and we got to meet Henry Gale (Ben Linus).

Ben was the best villain ever. Even his bug eyes could exude menace. Season 3 was an improvement with the mystery of Desmond's prophecy power plus the nuking of the Sawyer/Kate/Triangle. Also I hated Charlie so the knowledge of his impending death made me look forward to every episode. Nikki and Paolo were tres stupid so I'm happy they got killed off. Then enter Juliet thus expanding the love triangle to a love rhombus. GROAN!

Suddenly, in season 4 it's like the writers remembered that rescue was the #1 priority for the Losties. Too bad it worked out so poorly for those who made it. Sayid is Jason Bourne. Jack is his father. Kate, the Madonna. Hurley, psychotic. Luckily Desmond is still hot and had the best love story ever. Michael isn't screaming WALT anymore because he's evil. It is also cool to learn more info about Charles Widmore. The science team's introduction was excellent as well. I adore Miles and Daniel.

Dudes, I am a huge Doctor Who/alternate history fan so how excited was I when "moving the island" happened IN TIME?? Season 5 is tops in my book. I knew Jin wasn't dead BTW. I loved how they handled time lines even though sometimes my head hurt a bit after episodes. Also interweaving Egyptian mysticism and the Island's history pleased my inner nerd. I squealed out loud in delight when they revealed the statue of Taweret - good old four toes. Sawyer being in charge working his con man skills was incredibly awesome and sexy. It was nice seeing Jack go from a weepy leader to a man of destiny. I seriously had a game going that I'd drink every time Jack wept in an episode - lots of potty breaks people!

So, here we are waiting for season 6 in 2010. What do we know? Juliet set off the bomb. Ben stabbed Jacob. Locke is not himself but the black shirt guy/God. Widmore is still trying to get to the island. Desmond survived and the island isn't done with him yet. I love how many things are up in the air and how I have no idea who are the white hats/black hats. My prediction is that they'll start season 6 with a complete fakeout, flight 815 landing in LAX, everyone alive and well. Then cut to what really happened. There are a lot of cool theories out on the internet like Juliet was blown way into the past and will be Taweret's inspiration.

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