Friday, July 31, 2009


Dear MBTA,

Life is so hard nowadays with an unsettled economic situation, black men being arrested in their own homes, and unemployment being sky high. It's hard to feel on top of life and score wins.

Your agency is ingenious with how you can make an average, everyday working stiff feel like a winner. For example, I bought a 12 ride commuter rail pass for my two weeks of work this month. In theory, I should have gotten 6 days worth of rides out of that pass. I was planning on just paying cash onboard for the remaining days. How did you make me a winner? I have been able to milk 9 days out of this pass thanks to your lovely conductors missing my entire car or punching the wrong hole. So, basically I have saved over $40 by extending this pass.

Every day, it's a game. Plus, I can spot conductors who are notorious non-punchers so I seek out their cars. Morning is usually pretty regular with punching. On my ride home, by the time we reach Highland and there is no sign of a conductor, I put my pass back in my bag feeling like I have won one for the working man. Or I can get a lovely conductor who sees that I have had to stand the entire way home and he just punches an already punched hole. This perks up my day and is very generous of your agency. Granted, this is only fun because I have a 12 ride pass, if I had a monthly, I'd be pissed.

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