Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fall 2009 TV

The Schedule

How I Met Your Mother - I think we're going to meet the mother this season and watching Barney and Robin deal with each other will be comedy gold.
Lie to Me - I am convinced that I can be a human lie detector thanks to this show. Where can I sign up? Plus, this goes to show that I can like a House-ish character outside of a medical setting.
Castle - Nathan Fillion and a revamped Moonlighting vibe.
The Good Wife - could be interesting, the cast looks strong
America's Next Top Model - the Sunday marathons got me hooked again, darn it!
Glee - as a former high school music nerd, this show is right up my alley.
Eastwick - this could be campy fun. I liked the movie and we have so many vampire shows and few witches...
FlashFoward - this seriously looks awesome. I was hooked the second after I saw the preview. Considering that I loved the time travel on Lost, this show is made for me!
Bones - I'm very close to dumping this show after last season. Just DVR filler now.
Supernatural - damn the scheduling Gods! Lucifer has risen and the apocalypse is coming to town. I am so there.
Fringe - this really kicked a lot of butt towards the end of last season. I am a sucker for multiverses.
Community - two words: Joel Mchale.
Dollhouse - after seeing the Epitaph episode, I am intrigued about the direction of the show. I am still Joss' bitch even though Eliza can't act. Plus, I heard there will be cameos of Wesley Wyndham Price (Angel) and Apollo (BSG).
Numb3rs - I half understand the math talk and Rob Morrow is still hawt.

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