Thursday, August 06, 2009

Time After Time

Inspired by the time chart I saw on tv last night (Michael & Michael Have Issues episode), I decided to make up my own. This is how my time is alloted on a typical weekday.

I have been playing with ideas on how to fill that big slice of free time. Working out/getting healthy, find some class/lecture I'd like to attend, and start a hobby. My big getting healthy plan has been off to a rocky start (mini meals are a go but a lot of ice cream eating is mixed in). Most places downtown don't have their class/lecture schedules published yet. It's also hard to get into a hobby or regular activity since I'm planning on moving by October.

My plan so far is to save up first, last and security for an October move - hopefully to Quincy. I have figured out my rent range (monthly take home salary divided by two to find my upper limit). I'm waiting until October so I'll have time to save and so I won't have to deal with inflated fall semester rents. Luckily, most of my belongings are still boxed up in the basement and Rosh Hoshanah is on a weekend so I'll definitely have enough time off saved up to take a day to settle into my new place.

Also, I am so happy with the miniscule slice of commuting in my time pie. Commuting on the train has been a dream. There is this really cute guy who gets off at my stop but I found out that he's gay since he kissed his partner goodbye one morning. Oh well, that makes it easier to adjust my work schedule to an earlier day. Eye candy is nice but attainable eye candy is better. There's a Dunkin Donuts smack dab between my stop and work so that's another hurdle to my getting healthy goal. Speaking of, I was next to a CUHRAZY woman in line this morning. She was ranting out loud about how her rights are being infringed upon and how The Man is keeping her down. Then she started lecturing the employees on proper glove sanitation. The whole time I was thinking about how much I love Boston - even their lunatics are entertaining.

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