Friday, August 07, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Love Working in Boston

1. The commute – the MBTA does have its quirks in safety and timeliness but overall it is 100 times better than driving. Time to wake up in the morning and time to decompress on the ride home.
2. Proximity – the city has everything and you’re already here if you’re going to a game/concert/ theatre. It takes the hassle out of going downtown at night. Also, if you need to run to CVS during lunch, it doesn’t take an hour – unlike working in the burbs.
3. Free news – the metro probably doesn’t qualify as news but you can catch headlines or articles from your fellow commuters on the T. Just read fast before they turn the page!
4. Variety – I love the variety of people you encounter while working in Boston. For example, you might feel like the ugliest person on Earth due to bad hair or a poorly planned outfit. But you will definitely see someone who looks worse during the day. Also, you might learn some tips from the people who look exceptionally with it. It’s so much healthier and practical than taking tips from magazines.
5. Money – my company reimburses 45% for monthly MBTA passes and also reimburses for parking. So, not only do I save money on gas by taking the train, I save money on fare.
6. Shopping ideas – shoes, bags, and clothing ideas galore on the train. I got myself a messenger bag by week 2 – so much better than a purse. On hot days, city ladies wear dresses/skirts and sandals. I need to bulk up my collection of work appropriate sandals.
7. Lunches – any kind of cuisine within blocks of work. Most have al fresco seating as well. Even if you brown bag it, there are tons of place to eat outside with stunning views.
8. Coffee – every 2 blocks, there’s a Dunkin Donuts and every 3 there’s a Starbucks so you don’t have to go far to get your caffeine. Me? I get my morning coffee upstairs from the train platform mere minutes from my office.
9. Crazies – granted there are many varieties of crazies and I do prefer the talking crazy over the fondling junk kind. There is this odd sense of equilibrium when I encounter a nutter. It’s like in a split second I feel, “Wow, I could have become you. Thank God for medication and therapy.”
10. Weather – the suburbs are a good 5 – 10 degrees hotter than the city. So, in the summer, that means even the most stifling heat is bearable downtown.

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