Friday, July 24, 2009

Okay, I Seriously Love This Job

I have survived my first week at my new job and I am looking forward to Monday (yes I am a job nerd). My position is a revenue analyst at a Boston hospital. The way I look at it, 5 of my aunts are nurses, I love financial analysis, and enjoyed working at a hospital last year so bing bang boom I landed my perfect job! Working in healthcare without blood and guts. My boss is awesome; supportive, patient, and personable. He kept telling me that it's okay to be overwhelmed. My co-workers are all fellow analysts so there is a left brained vibe that we all get along on. Seriously, analysts training analysts is sheer heaven. Explanations are practical and make sense plus any questions I had came from the same line of thinking. I even got complimented on my questions by one of my trainers. He told me the reason why he liked training me is that I obviously come from corporate and my questions are excellent. Whee!

I also love working in the city. It's so great taking a train in and out. I have time to wake up/decompress from the day. But man… the last time I commuted into the city was in 2000 so a lot has changed! Back then, a monthly zone 2 pass cost $90 and parking was $1. Now, the pass is $151 and parking is $4. I love how the MBTA raised the parking fee but didn't widen the money slots in the payment board contraption. Either you need to use coins, feed in individual dollars or spend a lot of time folding your bills rrreeeaally tight (like me). I appreciate driving a lot less, saving gas money, and keeping my blood pressure down.

The one thing I need to work out/standardize are lunches. We don't have a cafeteria in our building and there aren't a lot of choices in the area. So, I'll have to brown bag it most days. I am surrounded by Dunkin Donuts so my caffeine needs are more than taken care of. I also kinda wish my sleep schedule would get better. I was so amped up for my first week, I was lucky if I got 6 hours of sleep per night. I was in bed but my brain wouldn't calm down.

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