Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too Wired to Sleep

Orientation yesterday went very well. I have a lot of handouts and info swimming around in my head. We had copious breaks and got to leave early so I was a bit spoiled for my first day. I was one of the few non-medical people at Orientation. For some odd reason, I wound up hitting it off with anyone who worked in cardiology. I have some really bad pun up my sleeve but I'll refrain...

On a bizarre note, I spent the entire day 6 floors below where I stayed recovering from my stroke 8 years ago. I was a bit tempted to go up there to see if any of the nurses who I remembered were still there but I decided to focus on the positive future rather than skip through upsetting past. I was already being bombarded by memories as patient care was discussed ad nauseum. People, if you want excellent benefits, work in healthcare! I am astounded by the perks and choices I have with this job.

Today, is my first day working in my department. I'm not nervous but my brain isn't shutting up. Maybe they'll expect an overwhelmed zombie on the first day, right?

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