Sunday, August 23, 2009

Awesome, Amazing, Amorous Weekend

I went to one of the best weddings ever this weekend. In my anal, bitchy single woman mode, I have been complaining about the organization and details for this event. I officially renounce every catty comment I have uttered the past couple of months! Just because a wedding isn't being run the way I'm used to, doesn't mean it will be a complete disaster. For a while, I have been okay with the idea of never getting married. But darn it, this weekend made me really want to get married someday! It was held here. The grounds and staff were wonderful and accommodating. My cousin loves his new wife so much, it warms the dead cold cockles of my heart. They hired this band who kicked all kinds of ass. Seriously, hire them for every gig you have!

The food and beverages were all delicious. Also, there is a pool on the grounds. After a day and evening of 100% humidity, I was really tempted to jump in. But I didn't bring a bathing suit, my undergarments were all white, and my dress was a long maxi dress. So that was my list of dont's in true responsible, anxiety-ridden oldest mode. BUT in the midst of all the wavering, I saw my mother in the pool having a blast. So eff it, I got into the pool with dress, full makeup, jewelry, and all. It was GLORIOUS! Pitch black night and everyone lit by pool lights. When I wound up getting out, it started raining so I would have gotten wet anyways. One of my aunts had a trunk full of dry clothes bless her so I got to ride back all dry.

Oh yes, I haven't mentioned the ride. The family had rented a bus for the event. As we loaded in coolers, the beverages began flowing. I had the best sangria ever, margaritas, and beer just on the trip down. BTW, paper cups and red sangria on a bus isn't the best combination with formal wear. I didn't spill, but others did.

The wedding was amazing and I had a great time meeting new people and hanging out with the family. I am a drunk smoker so as I wandered around trying to bum a smoke, I found a nice couple smoking and I asked to bum one. The chick rolled me one like a pro. Of course half my family thought I was smoking a blunt... In proud family tradition, the teens were sneaking drinks left and right (with occasional help from older cousins).

So, yeah marriage looks kinda nice after this weekend. And I will make a really good mom one day. That's the up side about surviving a lot of shit in your life, it gives perspective and empathy. Fair warning to my cousins, I have dibs on Benjamin for a son's name.

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