Friday, September 04, 2009

Hair Growth That Isn't a Scam!

Back in July, I decided to try out a new hair treatment at the local salon. I had always loved Framesi so when I read about the treatments, and saw the price, I booked an appointment. It was quite simply an awesome and relaxing experience. I chose to try the exfoliating scalp treatment with the hair follicle release treatment.

If you love scalp massages, and don't mind looking like Larry from the 3 Stooges, you'll love the exfoliating scalp treatment. I could feel the extra circulation in my scalp.

The hair follicle release treatment is just a special shampoo and some drops. It smells like blueberries and it really works! I have very fine thin hair and am trying to grow out my hair. I bought the home maintenance kit ($100 - yikes) and have an inch of new growth! I wasn't insanely anal about sticking with the regimen but did it when I remembered. It definitely paid off. Also, the restruturing program smells like sunflowers. There's a reason why these treatments smell so great. the ingredients are all natural.

I highly recommend checking out your local Dellaria salon and trying one of these treatments. You actually get results. It's so nice not to be scammed by a beauty product!

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