Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leo to Virgo Then to Libra

This past weekend I packed up a bunch of stuff and discovered that I have stashed way too much crap throughout my parents house to actually be packed up by Oct 3. On the up side, my parents are cool with me gradually moving smaller stuff out of their house in October. The movers have been booked (the same place as last time) and Friday I'm measuring each room of my new apartment so I can use graph paper to figure out furniture layout.

Also, on Friday I am getting blood test results back. I might have hypothyroidism or anemia. I'm just hoping I have something diagnosable through bloodwork because I am sick of feeling so crummy! Also, if it's a thyroid problem, I get to pop a pill and lose 10 lbs with no work. Ha! Anemia would be boring but it's funny timing since I was considering trying out being a vegetarian.

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