Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The New Game Obsession

A couple weeks ago, I discovered the Diner Dash demo on my new cell phone. I started playing it on the the train and all of a sudden, I was at my stop! I played the game all night and had to charge my phone as I slept. Within a week, I bought the computer version. There is also a Nintendo DS version. Gee, I wonder how many different devices I could load with Diner Dash?

I like how with each level, you start with a cash goal. I also like the different varieties of customers. A while ago, I was cursing out the existence of businesswomen in the game. But I learned that if you're attentive, they can really make or break the level for you. I always seat the old folks very last. On my home computer, I have made it to restaurant #5. Ironically enough, having 4 arms doesn't help! I have been stuck on a level for days and I'm cursing free apps.

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