Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Working Grandma Hero

This evening I witnessed a customer berating a poor CVS checkout clerk about an Extracare savings coupon. This lovely specimen of the public was under the impression that anyone can use Extracare coupons. She was owed money and was paid in a coupon (ha ha what a gyp) She thought coupon = money = transferable - totally ignoring the code at the bottom of each Extracare coupon. What is she, new? I learned the coupon ropes eons ago.

As the line behind this woman grew and as she became more belligerent which made the clerk more flustered, I had to speak up. I told her, "Ma'am the coupon is connected to your CVS card, not your name." That shut her up long enough for her to ask for the manager. Good luck getting any satisfaction that route! I have never seen anyone treat anyone else so poorly over a stupid coupon. Plus, the clerk looked like someone's Grandma!

Granted, I wasn't being solely altruistic I was in the line behind the moron customer so she was inconveniencing me along with several others. But I think my need to cut through her bullshit was part sticking up for the little guy and remembering when I was a checkout clerk at that same CVS. The lesson learned is check the fine print on coupons and CVS Extracare coupons are not transferable. Pass the lesson along and stick up for the working grandmas

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Sarah said...

I think it depends on the CVS because I have used my mom's extra care coupons before! Some clerks will just manually enter them in for you if you ask nicely *which it sounds like this lady did not*